Derek Stonorov USA – Safari Testimonial

Our trip to Tanzania with Ecological Wilderness Adventures really exceeded all our expectations. As an ecotourism operator who specializes in guiding professional photographers and film crews who wish to photograph brown bears here in Alaska I was very interested in how they conducted their business.
Most importantly all the guides are wonderful people. They are kind, generous, patient and enthusiastic. How they remain so day after day and question after question, is a mystery to me. They are excellent at what they do.
Their depth of knowledge about animals and the landscape is truly amazing. There were four retired Alaska Fish and Game wildlife biologists on our trip, with all manner of degrees and experiences in the field. We were all constantly amazed by the information that our guides were able to give to us.
The guides know about photography and they effortlessly get you in the right spot for the shot you want. They know the habitats of both birds and animals, “where things are,” and can put you onto photo subjects for as long as the light lasts.

Most importantly, at least to me, the guides show a respect for the animals. There was no chasing or undue stress, no effort to have the animals interact with us, or any attempt to interrupt, what we call in the bear world, the on going behavior of the animal you are watching. We always left the animals as we found them, which is the true mark of a superior wildlife guide.
So, I recommend Ecological Wilderness Adventures to all my clients–or anyone else–without reservation. I simply say go! Tanzania is a beautiful country, with wonderful people, and I can’t think of the better safari outfitters than Ecological Wilderness Adventure to show it to you.
Derek Stonorov
Alaska Bear Quest LLC
P.O. Box 15005
Fritz Creek, Alaska 99603

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