Geoff Carroll – Safari Testimonials

My son Quinn and I enjoyed our trip to Tanzania very much. We were very impressed with the beautiful country and Wildlife that we saw when we were there. Brian Mengoriki and the rest of staffs from Ecological Wilderness Adventures provided us with excellent safari experience; all the guides were excellent guides. They transported us to several fantastic Wildlife viewing areas and seemed to know the right time to be in each location. They were all excellent naturalists and could identify every plant, bird, and mammals that we have encountered; in addition they could tell us the life history of nearly every animal and answer most of our never-ending questions. Most of our group was professional biologist, so we had a lot of questions. All of our accommodations were very comfortable and enjoyable.

The meals were excellent. I especially enjoyed the evening camp fires. It was obvious a great logistical challenge to move us and our camp around, providing meals and everything else involved but it was accomplished flawlessly. The trip was one of highlight of my life. Thank you very much for great experience.

Geoff Carroll
Alaska Department of Fish and Game
Area Wildlife Biologist
P.O.Box 1284
Barrow, AK 99723

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