Selous Sand River Camp

Sand Rivers is set on a rocky peninsula with great views over the Rufiji river in Tanzania’s famous Selous Game Reserve. It offers a unique blend of classic safari elegance combined with the ruggedness of a genuine bush adventure, as it overlooks the river full of hippos and crocs. Now a World Heritage Site, The Selous Game Reserve is home to a diverse selection of wild animals and birdlife. A hub for safari buffs and nature lovers, Sand Rivers Selous is surrounded by varied topography unique to this area of the reserve, from gorges to open plains, and woodlands to lakes. Open top Land Rovers with individual armchair seats and well stocked cooler boxes, ensure comfort and style while on game drives. There is an abundance of wildlife to see, as well as spectacular birds all to be found within easy reach of the lodge. Taking a riverboat upstream ensures a closer look at the hippos, crocs, monkeys and birds, followed by breakfast on the river bank. Also available is the Selous Walking Safari – a four day wilderness walk in the truly remote parts of the park. Do not miss the Tagalala Hot Springs. Geologically artesian, these springs bubble warm water throughout the year. Overnight fly camping is a specialty at Sand Rivers, offering an opportunity to experience a night ‘out in the open’, in especially adapted mosquito nets under the night sky. Each guest group has access to their own private vehicle, and their dedicated guide is on hand al the time

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