Betty and Laura Santa Cruz CA – USA – Safari Testimonials

There were three of us on our private trip around the northern circuit in Tanzania with Brian Mengoriki and Ecological Wilderness Adventures. Being with Brian made our trip so memorable and wonderful. He was always a perfect gentleman, and his knowledge of everything from the natural history of all the animals to the history of Tanzania was truly outstanding. We had requested someone who knew his birds, as Laura and I are birders, and Brian was terrific at this too. We were always amazed at the breadth of his knowledge. We loved all the beautiful lodges, each with a watering hole for the birds and animals for up close and personal views, and each located in a wonderful spot. We especially loved the tent camp in the Serengeti, though. We felt so much more a part of the landscape there: we were so close to the wild animals (such as leopards making noises in the night!), the facilities were ingenious and great, and the food was wonderful. Brian made sure we saw absolutely everything we came to see, and then some! We followed hunting cheetahs around for hours, found a leopard sleeping in a tree, and had close encounters with elephants and lions (so close we could have reached out and touched them!). We visited a Masai village and played with their children and met the people there. We had conversations about American politics with people half way around the world standing in front of their mud huts! We’ve been home for four days now and I am still dreaming about the wide open spaces of the endless plains. We would go back there, with Brian as our guide, in a flash.
Betty and Laura Santa Cruz CA

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