Kraig and Vashti Kanahele – USA

“My wife and I recently returned from our first safari, which turned out to be an extraordinary adventure. Since we were unfamiliar with the safari industry and could only rely on information garnered through the internet, we were initially apprehensive about choosing a company. Our decision to utilize Ecological Wilderness Adventures proved to be extremely fortuitous.

From the time we were met at the airstrip until our final day, Brian and his entire staffs were extremely welcoming and unfailingly polite. To ensure the best service possible, Brian personally served as our guide. Brian’s formal education, coupled with his 14 years of guide experience, has provided him with an extensive knowledge of Tanzania’s animals, birds, and flora. We honestly can’t remember seeing an animal, plant, or tree which Brian was unable to identify and provide insight of.

Another aspect which impressed us was the company’s attempts to provide the best service and accommodations while simultaneously minimizing the logistical footprint on the surrounding areas and wildlife. While vehicles from other companies trounced throughout the game parks, Brian was very meticulous in choosing routes which provided great viewing opportunities, yet avoided damage to the vegetation. The camp staff provided us with delicious meals, hot showers, and laundry service, all without the use of noisy generators and running water.

We simply cannot express the enjoyment we experienced on our safari, and the friendships we made with Brian and his staff. Prior to departing Tanzania we began planning a return trip, which will definitely include another safari with Ecological Wilderness Adventures.”

Kraig and Vashti Kanahele – USA

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