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Jambo Festo and Brian
We had a perfect holiday and it is impossible to mention all the exciting things we saw or even list all the most enjoyable experiences. As you know we have been in Africa before and what we enjoyed this time most is the private character of the tour – so all our individual wishes for a safari were taken care for by Festo on our game drives and later by the staff in the Ndutu Luxury Mobile camp. We enjoyed in Tansania the very different and often changing landscape, the possibility to have a short look into everyday life when passing by car during villages or little cities and – above all the chance to stay at the wildlife whenever we wanted, be it big or small animals and how long we wanted as we had the car on our own – with the perfect guidance and high flexibility of Festo of course. We appreciated very much his ability to search and find the wildlife, to give all the good explanations and answer to all our questions, to position the car in the perfect way considering background for the photos, the sunlight and – most important for the cheetah’s hunting or watching the migration – considering the next move of the animals. So our high expectations of watching animals were exceeded and we will remember these holidays for a long time.
Also in terms of organization or timing of the different national parks everything was perfect. We had very good accommodations, the distances between the parks were not too long (avoiding exhausting long drives) and it was enjoyable to see on the way back from the air the landscape we drove through on the way to Serengeti.
The accommodations were very different and all of them were good. Of course the Ngorongoro Serena Lodge is by far too big and with the crowds a shock after the Treetop’s. But taking the distance to the crater into account it is the perfect way to stay there nevertheless. We enjoyed the Mountain Village as we did with the Treetop (with its really special style) but it goes without saying that the Ndutu Camp is by far the top on our list: not only because we had the best food here but also because of the very good and personal service, the flexibility of the whole staff to make our holidays really enjoyable. Camping in Africa makes it possible to listen during the night to the sounds outside is great – and this combined with real beds, private facilities in the tent is just unbeatable The atmosphere in the evening at camp fire as well as the luxury of the tents – we felt like being in the movie of “Out of Africa”. Of course we had the advantage being the only guests – but we are sure you will arrange in the same manner if there are some more – and we hope for your guests that you really will keep a very small camps.
Renate Massman-Krei Germany

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