Tammy and Joel Rubin Chicago IL – USA – Safari Testimonials

Dear Brian & The team we are back in cold Chicago and still enjoying our trip to Tanzania through our pictures and spectacular memories. We talk about the beauty of the animals, the birds and you and your team all the time. We found you to be informative about the animals, their surroundings, interactions with each other, and the environment. We enjoyed our conversations during dinner and found the staff at the mobile camp accommodating, delightful and just plain wonderful. But what we talk about most is the leopard up in the tree, resting for a long time, but then all of a sudden it arose and within ten seconds it climbed down the tree, so gracefully, and was off into the bush, and then there was the hundreds of zebras coming form all directions down to the watering hole, big ones and little ones alike. Spectacular and beyond your imagination. We hope to return to Africa in the future. Thank you for a great adventure.
Tammy and Joel Rubin – Chicago IL

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