Tim & Trish Callard

Brian was an exceptional guide. Tim and I felt so fortunate to be able to spend 7 days on safari with him. His passion and knowledge of the animals, plants and environment were inspiring and gave us an important foundation to appreciate and understand all the sights.  He had a keen sense of timing and gave us a variety of experiences. We were able to be with animals close up at all times of day and Brian knew their habits whether it was  when animals go to the watering hole or the importance of getting up at sunrise  so we could observe animals in their habitat closely.

His enthusiasm was contagious and he stimulated us to ask questions. He also spent time with us after the day was over discussing what we saw and what was coming up for the next day.    As educators, my husband and I wanted to go back to our schools and share our experiences. Brian gave us the ability to do this with the way he shared his knowledge and organized our days. We found ourselves planning another safari with him in the future because of the quality of this trip and the outstanding guidance that he gave us. I highly recommend Brian and his Ecological Wilderness Adventure safari trips to anyone.read more………..Trish CallardTeacherBeauvoir SchoolWashington DC

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